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Crayon art techniques

Drawing can be really fun, especially if you know what you are doing and if you loveart. Using watercolors is one of the best ways to get a vivid and interesting image, but there is one underrated technique that many people somehow tend to leave to children, because they don’t find a way to use them good and to make the images look professional and well made. This technique is crayon painting and you should keep reading because here are a few ways to make incredible crayon images everyone will as you have you made them.

The only thing they should do, when it comes to using crayons is to look a little bit around them and search a little bit on the internet for ideas and ways. Everyone knows and has seen that a line when you draw it with a crayon cannot stay consistent, but that can be avoided if you use heat, which melts the crayon and makes it easier to draw with. And there are a million ways to do that, you can paint an image and then hear up the paper, on the other side, with a fan, that will melt the crayons and make the image look like made with a totally different and new technique no one has seen before.

Now you see that painting with crayons and making crayon images can be quite interesting, but there are also other artistic things you can do with crayons. A few weeks ago there was a guy trending on one social media that made a flower vase out of crayons, he put them together, melted them and then shaped the form into a vase. You can also melt the crayons and make crayon images by letting the melted crayon drip on a page and then make forms and shapes out of that. There are really a million ways, and here you have there, so there are plenty of them left to be discovered!