Busterlung .. Gift ideas

Send a personalized gift

Sometimes it is quite hard to choose a good gift for your friend, parent or colleague, but we have a solution for you. Personalized gifts are one of the best choices, because they show that you care about the person you are giving it to and in the same time they can get something unique what they might need. Having a photo of you two or with your group of friends on a T-Shirt or mug would be great, and here you can get one of those and give it to someone as a gift.

Remember that it is not only needed to send gifts on birthdays and that there are many other occasions that need to be celebrated. At our shop we offer T-Shirts, mugs and comics, all personalized and made to fit the person you want to surprise. We use crayon images which are much better and last longer, but also they look quite nicer and more vivid and that is what everyone wants.

Beside the opportunity of making your own designs and telling us what you want on your T-Shirt, mug or in your comic picture, you can also choose one of the already made ones, which are great, hilarious and quite interesting. We are sure you have one friend that is crazy about swimming, diving or water in general, well this would be the right gift for him.

Make someone happy

In our online shop, here on our website, you can find all of the already made and available designs of T-Shirts and mugs, and you can find us even on eBay, where you can also see what we have to offer, but be sure that there won’t be any ads or something, so enjoy our online shop.

On this website, you can also find our official e-mail address where you can send us your wishes and what you want on the product. Keep in mind that those don’t only need to be pictures, because we can draw, and we can draw a funny strip or recreate a scene that you would like to give your friend on a shirt or mug. We will use crayon images to make that and you can only expect a high quality product that will last long and that will make your friend smile or even burst out in tears, because of laughing, of course.

Send us the image you want printed on a T-Shirt or mug, and we will make a cartoon out of it, we will redraw the picture in crayon images and print it on your shirt or mug and send it to you, together with the crayon image cartoon. This all together is a personalized, interesting and unique gift that the person you are giving it to will find amazing, that is for sure. But you can also buy one for yourself, it can be a hilarious one or even a sad one, just make sure it is original, because they are the best that way.